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To find out who you really are, you have to stop being who you are not.


Have you spent all your life making sure everyone else felt confortable, only you have never felt confortable the whole time?

  • Do you always agree in order to be liked?

  • Are you seeking approval and validation from others?

  • Do you struggle with fear of rejection, low self-esteem, lack of assertive skills, cultural or family expectations, and codependency?

  • You put the needs of others first and ignore your own needs?

Authentic leadership

(Un) Becoming
1:1 Private program for Women and Men.


  • 3 months of deep, profound transformational work with your subconscious and conscious mind

  • 3 powerful transformational hypnotherapy sessions (2 hours each)  during which we will find out where, why, when you have created limited beliefs and your personal self. We will release trapped emotions from your nervous system and we will dissolve every emotion, belief attached to your personal self.

  • 8 coaching/mentoring sessions (1 hour each) to go toward your true Self

  • Support through text messages or email during our cooperation

(Un) Becoming



To find out who you really are, you have to stop being who you are not.

In the past, you have formed different opinions about yourself.

You have created an illusion about yourself.

You have believed that this illusion is you.

In reality, the illusion is nothing but your personal self, it is not your true self.

Why have you created an illusion about yourself?
To make people like you.

You have learned that love and admiration have to be earned.

Why did you do that?
To survive.

As children, we need to be loved. It is one of our basic needs. 
It's just that your illusion of yourself one day began to bother you.

You don't feel comfortable...

You don't want to experience it anymore....


With (Un) Becoming you will:

  • Discover who you are by discovering who you are not

  • Release beliefs, patterns, thoughts, feelings which do not belong anymore to your true version of Self

  • Understand from where thoughts, emotions, beliefs come from and to create from pure consciousness 

  • Meet the true version of your Self and you will learn how to BE it in a day to day life

  • Change your life for the better

Are you ready to meet that unrecognized true version of your-Self?
You can join the programme all year round.


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