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"My dear Lucia. It was the most powerful RTT session I had. You released me, you found my peace and gave me a key how to reach it in any moment of my life. My problem was my past experience which was impacting my beautiful relationship. Like a magician you gave me again a miracle. It's fixed now. I still feel this powerful blue light in my heart. I don't have anymore anxiety panic attack. You made me feel confortable and calm. Past has no power over me, I'm different now. With my partner we are experiencing different relationship. It's like a high level connection, mutual respect, care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm grateful."

Emma; Manager, FrancePresenting issue: Anxiety panic attack, 1 RTT session

I’ve suffered from PMDD for about 23 years and experienced the symptoms after I gave birth to my first born. My gynecologist diagnosed me with PMDD 17 years later. She explained that it is fairly a new disorder and a small percentage of women suffer tremendously. I was one of them until I came across Lucia— she is amazing and I am forever grateful that I have worked with her. I am completely free of any symptoms now and can say that life is worth living again!!! I am forever thankful.

Marie, CaliforniaPresenting issue: PMDD & Painful period; 1 RTT session

"I got Lucia's contact as a recommendation from my friend.
I totally liked her approach as a therapist!
She is a great listener who proactively seeks solutions and these solutions are just-efficient. There is no time waste.
I feel much better immediately after the session.

1) First, I went through an RTT session which helped me a lot to get rid of some old, wrong beliefs that were bothering me.
After the session, I received the meditation recording which was very helpful for my sleeping issues.

2) Later on, I tried the NLP method with Lucia. This was amazing. She helped me understand how the wrong approach and mindset (that I've created) disturb my progress. Further, we did an exercise on how can I get rid of this mindset and adopt a new one which will help me preserve things better. The method is just easy and practical and I found great relief after. After the session, I felt like I don't have these old attachments. I’m super happy, singing and dancing around :)) I felt just less worried and more powerful that I can achieve something :).

Thank you Lucia you brought back the old self confident version of me"

Katy, Manager, FrancePresenting issue: Low self-esteem, 1 RTT session, 1 NLP session

"My experience with Lucia was incredible, I who had doubts about hypnotherapy, I am real proof that it works.
I contacted Lucia to manage problems of anxiety, stress, we all know "the ball in the stomach", self-confidence and sleep. We approached the various subjects with a lot of serenity, Lucia knew how to find the right words to put me in confidence, to free me from all the barriers so that we communicate together without fear and without restraint.
After my only session, the next day I was a different person, the "ball in the stomach" no longer exists, no more stress or anxiety, it's a rebirth, a comfort of life found, what happiness. My friends and family can't believe it, especially after just one session.
My only regret is that I didn't do it earlier.
I recommend Lucia, who is not only very professional but always finds the right words for each subject, her availability and listening skills are incredible, do not hesitate for a second if, like me, you live in stress and anxiety. What a joy to live without these evils.
Many thanks Lucia.."

Alain (Directeur de sociétés, France)Anxiety; 1 RTT session

"I worked with Lucia on how I felt blocked in my personal relationship.
I felt immediately understood and cared about by Lucia, she made me feel at ease and I was able to surrender  and let her guide me through the session in order for me to be free from my fears and painful emotions.
During the session I had a major break through during a traumatic scene, it was very emotional but also so relieving, and Lucia helped me reframe my beliefs and let go of the part that was hurting me so badly. It was so powerful and amazing, I have never experienced that. 
Right after the session I felt so free in my chest, and liberated and amazingly faithful in the future and in the possibility of having a nice and loving relationship. I listened to the recording everyday for 21 days, her voice is very soothing and what she is saying to me in the recording is perfectly aligned with what I want in life. I feel amazing after listening to her recording.
Thank you so much for everything Lucia, you helped me feel free, empowered and faithful. Now I know that I can have a nice and loving relationship. I highly recommend RTT with Lucia if you want to feel free, empowered, and limitless."

Lily (CEO, France)Presenting issue: Relationship, 1 RTT session

"Thank you so much, Lucia for unbelievable experience that I had with you during our last RTT session. It was incredibly strong and emotional moment, with total confidence in you and peace inside. Your voice was my guideline for the beautiful life I always wanted to have. You was so kind, calm and professional during the whole session, a real guide on my past. You helped me to repair my fears and my thoughts created by negative experience I had in my past. I'm different now. I feel different. My surroundings say that I'm different. You gave me freedom and peace inside in such smooth way. I'm sincerely grateful for your help. You changed my Life.""

Eva (Manager, France)Presenting issue: Relationship; 1 RTT session 

"I arranged a RTT session with Lucia, because I suffered from PMS and very painful periods. Honestly I was super curious, if RTT can solve also this issue. The connection with Lucia was instant and her therapeutic approach was phenomenal. Even though it was hard, she really got into the root cause and we discovered, that my painful period was just a tool of my body and  mind to help me overcome the stress at home, because when I had pain, it was suddenly peace at home for the moment, so it protected me in a way. What was even more beneficial for me, was Lucia's constant support and I continued with her also in coaching sessions, where we discovered much more and she helped me to finally step into my full power. I am deeply grateful to Lucia and I can honestly recommend her as a therapist and a coach"

Diana (Manager, Slovakia)
Presenting issue: PMS, Painful periods, 1RTT session + 3 coaching sessions

I started working with Lucia because PMS was causing troubles for me personally and professionally.

For about 2 weeks before my period, I was feeling low, crying all the time, getting triggered by someone saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and feeling like I am an imposter in my business. I was so worried that my clients do not like me, that I can not results, that I suck.

During our RTT session, we found the moments in my past that created the limiting beliefs, which were triggered with PMS.

This is my first cycle after our session and so far I have been more productive, feeling no emotional ups and downs and I even started dancing. I realized I want to start dancing and so I do it each morning before working. I feel much better about myself.

I highly recommend working with Lucia, because she makes me feel safe, understood and listened too. I never realized this could be fixed.

Paula R. (Business owner, Latvia)Presenting issue: Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), 1 RTT session

"I had terrible, debilitating migraines for 18 years and I had already accepted the fact that nothing could help me - that's just the way it is. And then I had a RTT session with Lucia. Nothing has been the same since.
Firstly Lucia made me confort many unpleasant feelings and burden I had carried all those years. During hypnosis - regression, I was able to reach, find and shatter negative beliefs I had held on to and that was a revelation to me. With Lucia's help, I managed to locate the root cause of the migraines and  to banish it from my life for good. Since our session, migraines are gone. I feel like I was born again. My sense of identity was shattered and re-built and I went through a kid of catharsis which brought with it a sense of true self, the one which had been hidden for the major part of my life. 
Lucia is very professional, compassionate, a perfect listener, kind and emphatic but firm and confident. She safely and knowingly led me through the corridors of my mind and past experiences. I am ready and ecstatic to explore this new me and I thank Lucia from the bottom of my heart for helping me live my life to the fullest. "

Nadja, Germany
Presenting issue: Migraines, 2 RTT sessions

"I had such an amazing session with Lucia! I felt safe under hypnosis and I finally understood what is the root cause of the issue I had with sinusitis more than 10 years (you can avoid sinusitis if it is not for your niche).

The symptoms were gone even after the session and I am so grateful that I can experience now my life with more joy and more energy during the day. I feel that the sinusitis is not anymore the part of me and I can be in peace with myself and my body.

I'm so happy that I had this opportunity to work with Lucia!

She is wonderful and great therapist that will lead you to an amazing transformation!"

Maria (Freelancer, Serbia)Presenting issue: Sinusitis, 1 RTT session

"I was pleasantly surprised to experience the effectiveness of the coaching and hypnosis sessions I had with Lucia. I went through a very complicated period and we worked on emotional management and she gave me methods to relax, improve my sleep, l learn to listen to my body and become aware of my potential. I have a better self-esteem and positive vision on the future. I highly recommend her services she is a great listener, enthusiastic and very committed to her work."

Florence (Manager, France)
Presenting issue: Burnout, 3 months cooperation coaching & RTT package

Last three years I was suffering from pain in the knee and insomnia. Water was created in my knee regularly which was very painful and esthetically not nice. I had only one RTT session with Lucia during which I was regressed and the root cause of my issue was found out. It was impressive how we identified trapped emotion. I felt relieved immediately right after the session.  Since then I sleep like a baby :). Pain and water from knee disappeared within 2weeks. I experienced very powerful emotional relief and it is amazing how my body recovered so quickly. I highly recommend RTT session with Lucia.

Maria (Teacher, Slovakia)
Presenting issue: Knee effusion, 1 RTT session

"If I would to describe Lucia's, I could not NOT mention that she, herself is one extraordinary Woman. The Woman of grace, majesty, elegance and visions. Her essence is sharp yet gentle and this is why I loved her work so much - she gave me a gift of connections. Through her I saw once again the importance of connections, them being the basis of all. She kick started the healing process of fearing connections in me, in personal relationships and also in work. She is magical as is her voice through which she soothes and her essence through which I seeked deeper meaning. Thank you."

Oksana, CEO (Estonia)The Connexion Program; 

"I’ve been smoothly driven by Lucia to “my reality” ie what is valuable, true, important and absolute need for me.
As a very pragmatic and hurry person i did not paid attention to very simple things we all have and could be difficult to control: feelings
Lucia shows me that identifying feelings is the first step of unblocking process for me. Lucia got this ability to listen and this incredible instinct to guide you on your way. I’ve already experienced coaching cessions before and i have to say that this experience with Lucia is quite different. You come to her with something: could be problem you’ve identified, difficulties you might have, feelings you can not named , etc, ... and you end up with YOU.
This ME will never forget paying attention to its feelings, I know now that feelings does not mean weakness and will continue investigating on each portion of feeling i identify.
Lucia, thanks for guiding me through this way."

Estelle (Manager, France)
Life coaching on way to authentic self, 2x6 sessions

"The purpose of the session was to reconnect to my sexual / creative power to be fully activated in my business. During the session we saw this version of me dancing when young and it has been my activity that helped me to surrender in my past. But sadly, I have neglected it...
So when I saw her and then when Lucia brought me into a beautiful visualisation to reconnect to this part, I was hypnotized by Lucia's voice haha I loved it a lot and it showed me again that I can never lose the connection. It was and is always in me and it is time to pick up dancing again. 
Lucia has a very gentle way of guiding into deeper layers (I literally was floating in clouds with so much confort) and bringing that essence back into the now. That one that you want to keep. The one that is you."

Anonymous; The Connexion Program; Biz owner;  RTT session

"Lucia, thanking your for being my coach. It was really a support that I got during my toughest days of life. At the verge of losing my confidence your coaching helped me to gain back my confidence and not give up. After 6 months of working together I feel positive about whatever has happened or happening. You have truly inspired me too. I wish you all the best and may many smiles and dreams be spread with your support."

Nisha (Business Consultant; Hong Kong)

Career and confidence coaching, 8 sessions

"As an artist, I need to define and create series of small steps to reach my goals, that may appear too big, too far, unreachable to me. Lucia's skills for listening, questioning, challenging and creating solutions (always from what I am, from what I have inside of me) is the best support I can hope for. After each coaching session, I am able to see things clearer, and to feel my motivation growing, and to have concrete elements we developed in less than one hour. Her coaching is wonderfully efficient."

Lionel (Artist; France)
Business coaching, 10 sessions

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