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"The business mentoring session with Lucia opened my eyes to my potential. Lucia truly listens and hears what the person is saying and automatically picks up limiting beliefs and changes them to supportive. Before the session, I was unsure of my steps. During the session, we discussed my operating model based on the Human Design, what exactly my services are, what value they bring. She showed me my uniqueness and gave a lot of self-confidence. Lucia also discussed the exact pricing with me. This session gave me clarity and confidence in making decisions in my business. If you are not sure how to operate in your field, Lucia will surely show you where to go. You will gain very direct insights, tips and tools. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Lucia. Thank you so much for your help, guidance and for making our paths cross! You're amazing!!! <3""

Klaudia Ciszewska, Intuitive coach & psychic (Poland)

Coaching and mentoring for business owners

The Connexion™ 

"To truly connect with someone else you need to know first, how to connect with your true Self."

  • The connections - the basis of all.

  • Your business is your energy. You are creating from your energy, from your state of consciousness . Or you are creating from your personal self (ego).

  • Learn to be a conscious leader, entrepreneur and create from the space where everything already exist for you

  • Lean to distinguish your ego from your pure conciseness and be your authentic Self and create from there.

This program is for you if:

  • you are a business owner (hypnotherapist, therapist, practitioner, psychologist, coach, mentor, entrepreneur.....  )

  • you have started your practice recently or you feel like you are stagnating 

  • you are experiencing low self esteem, fears of increasing prices, fear of being visible or rejected, you undervalue yourself with low prices

  • you need a clarity in your business, you need a help with defining your niche

  • you need a help with your social media presence

  • you want to do your business from your authentic Self and feeling great about it,  you want to feel on ease and to attract clients easily and effortlessly 

This program 

is all about YOU. I do not follow any scrips. I work with YOU. I will coach YOU and mentor YOU. I will meet you where you are and we will go toward your Self.
This 1:1 Private program is about:

  • co-creating in NOW

  • meeting you where you are and finding what works for you to go toward your objectives

  • holding a space for you and to connect you with your authentic Self

  • your own connection with yourself, your business, your clients

  • alignment with your values, your service, your programs

  • your authentic Self and co-creating from your authentic Self

  • details from your Human Design chart will help us to understand your strengths

Executive coach

What will you get


  • 1:1 Private support. No groups, no online studies, no predefined blueprints

  • You will get clarity 

  • I will help you to define your niche or target audience

  • Assist you in improving your social media presence for marketing and client acquisition

  • Empowerment to conduct your business authentically, while feeling confident and at ease in your role.

  • Attract clients more easily and effortlessly.

  • Alignment with your business vision and your values

  • You will learn how to define your high value clients, how to set your prices, how to increase your social media presence

The Connexion program is fully adapted to you and to your needs. You can buy one single sessions or package of 6 sessions.

VIP DAYS intensive coaching is available here.

Please note that I accept a very limited number of clients per month as I want to give you high value support and attention.

It is all about the connection between us too so, 30mins classification call is necessary to see if we are a match to work together.

The Connexion
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