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Break free from PMDD/PMS

1:1 Private program
8 weeks

"Life changing experience"

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is not a ‘normal’ thing -only menstruation is.

You don’t need to learn how to overcome your heavy emotions in premenstrual phase due to PMS or PMDD because you don’t need these emotions at all.


Are you experiencing

Mood swings


Hostile behavior

Intense anger

Conflicts with others



Trouble concentrating

Many women think that pre-menstrual difficulties belong to the menstrual cycle and consider them a normal part of life - but in fact, they can be SOLVED.
Can you imagine if this emotional chaos disappeared and your premenstrual phase was easy? Yes, easy and peaceful.

If you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING from meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, no caffeine, no alcohol, more vegetables, more antioxidants, more primrose oil.... Nothing has worked!

If you feel like you can't do anything because you feel like these emotions have full control over your life.

If you can't turn your inner critic off.

If you feel frustrated, out of control, sad and helpless because your personal and professional life is being affected by the premenstrual phase.


My personal story

PMDD is gone and it is thanks to Rapid Transformational Therapy.

"For more than 20 years, I struggled every month with anger, mood swings, irritability, self-criticism, and the feeling that all of these emotions were controlling me.

My personal and professional life has been greatly affected. I was unable to work properly, the lack of focus, over-thinking, inner critic and irritability were greatly affecting my personal and professional life. Relationships were difficult because one of the symptoms was my irrational range and need to break up with whomever I was with at the time. 

I am a coach and I do emotional coaching and I know how to regulate nervous system. I know how to work with emotions. But in this particular case, with all the emotional chaos I was experiencing each month, I felt like "it" was stronger than me. I wasn't consciously able to figure out what it was. 

I gave it a try and the PMDD disappeared after one session of Rapid Transformation Therapy. I couldn't believe it. My life had completely changed for the better:"

During the 8 weeks you will receive:

- 1:1 private cooperation

- 8 weeks of intensive and transformational journey on emotional, mental and spiritual level

- One to one deep dive session (1 hour)

- Two Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions (90 mins each) to find the root cause and the reason of these heavy emotions you are experiencing in premenstrual phase, transformed them and let them go for good

- Two personalized 15 mins audio hypnotic recordings to rewire your mind and to create new positive beliefs (21 days)

- Two personalized coaching & mentoring sessions to connect you with your feminine energy and your cycle. (45 mins each)

- email support during program duration

You can join the programme throughout the year. 

Note that some of my clients only needed one session, some needed more. It all depends on your current mental health. If you suffer from anxiety and, post traumatic stress disorder or depression, you may need more sessions.

Medical solution for PMDD, PMS does not exist. However, it does not mean that you have to continue to suffer.

Step out from your emotional prison. Make a choice to your emotional freedom and inner peace. Tune into the power of each phase of your feminine cycle. Become empowered, satisfied and happy woman living fulfilled life, having control over it.

Please note that I created that offer based on my own experience, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Emotional coaching and Holistic Soul coaching.

I only accept a very limited number of new clients every month that I can give you the best support.

Still hesitating? Well, then you should know, that closer to menopause -symptoms get stronger.

Marie, California

"I’ve suffered from PMDD for about 23 years and experienced the symptoms after I gave birth to my first born. My gynecologist diagnosed me with PMDD 17 years later. She explained that it is fairly a new disorder and a small percentage of women suffer tremendously. I was one of them until I came across Lucia— she is amazing and I am forever grateful that I have worked with her. I am completely free of any symptoms now and can say that life is worth living again!!! I am forever thankful."

Diana, Slovakia

"I arranged a RTT session with Lucia, because I suffered from PMS and very painful periods. Honestly I was super curious, if RTT can solve also this issue. The connection with Lucia was instant and her therapeutic approach was phenomenal. Even though it was hard, she really got into the root cause and we discovered, that my painful period was just a tool of my body and  mind to help me overcome the stress at home, because when I had pain, it was suddenly peace at home for the moment, so it protected me in a way. What was even more beneficial for me, was Lucia's constant support and I continued with her also in coaching sessions, where we discovered much more and she helped me to finally step into my full power. I am deeply grateful to Lucia and I can honestly recommend her as a therapist and a coach"

Paula, Latvia

"I started working with Lucia because PMS was causing troubles for me personally and professionally.

For about 2 weeks before my period, I was feeling low, crying all the time, getting triggered by someone saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and feeling like I am an imposter in my business. I was so worried that my clients do not like me, that I can not results, that I suck.

During our RTT session, we found the moments in my past that created the limiting beliefs, which were triggered with PMS.

This is my first cycle after our session and so far I have been more productive, feeling no emotional ups and downs and I even started dancing. I realized I want to start dancing and so I do it each morning before working. I feel much better about myself.

I highly recommend working with Lucia, because she makes me feel safe, understood and listened too. I never realized this could be fixed"

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