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PMS, PMDD, Painful periods? Before blaming your hormones read this....

Here is what hormones are blamed for:

  • Menstruation can be too short or too long.

  • Cycle can be too long or too short.

  • Bleeding can be super abundant.

  • Pain? Oh Gosh! Menstruation can be super painful full of cramps and cramps can appear even a few days prior menstruation.

Apart from physical issues women are struggling emotionally. #PMS, #PMDD, #PME ...

Let’s blame the cycle and hormones!

Being a woman can be a real challenge.

Let me tell you that many women are blaming their cycle, menstruation, hormones for not feeling well. Women rarely blame the environment and relationships they live in.

And here comes the truth: your cycle, your menstruation, the level of your hormones reflexes your environment, your life and your work. Your emotional struggles are in fact trapped emotions which were created a long time before you started menstruating.

Feminine cycle is highly sensitive and reacts immediately to what we call a hidden stress. Yes, hidden. It means that consciously you do not know that you are stressed. You do not even realize that you are stressed and in some case that you were traumatized. But your body, your cells, your cycle knows. Immediately. Your cycle is sending you signs such as a longer cycle, painful menstruation or is skipping menstruation or heavy abundant bleeding.

A very first question I am asking to my clients is: "what is going on in your life and since when? Tell me about your relationships, about your work, about your work environment, about your childhood and your relationship with your parents."

We all were born with a perfect cycle. Experiencing an emotional roller coaster in a premenstrual phase does not belong to our cycle. PMS, PMDD, PME are not a part of our cycle and these struggles can be resolved.

You do not know what is causing your issues with your cycle, or why you are suffering from PMS or PMDD but your subconscious mind knows. Rapid Transformational Therapy which is a combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP and CBT works with the subconscious mind therefore it is possible to find the root cause of the issues and resolve it. This is a huge advantage compared to classical hypnotherapy.

Don't blame your your hormones, they are just doing their job.

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