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The Connexion™ 

"To truly connect with someone else you need to know first, how to connect with yourself."

The connections - the basis of all.

Your business is your energy. You are creating from your energy. Negative or positive it does not matter you are creating all the time.

You are attracting who you are. If you are disconnected from yourself, if you are misaligned your current energy is matching same frequency. 

You can change who you what you attract because it is fully in your power.

The Connexion: About

You are a business owner and you feel like:

  • you need a help with your business and your business coach is draining you by telling you what you should or should not do and you feel so uncomfortable with that

  • you feel like you are not progressing

  • you are frustrated about not having enough clients or you feel being drained after sessions with clients

  • you are lacking clarity 

  • you have a fear of being visible

  • you have a fear of loosing client on a sales call when you say your price so you undervalue yourself

  • you do not know how to increase your social media presence

  • you want to shift yourself and your business to the next level

The Connexion: Quote

The Connexion 

is all about YOU. It means I do not follow any scrips. I work with YOU. I will coach and mentor YOU in YOUR ENERGY. 
This 1:1 Private program is about:

  • co-creating in NOW

  • meeting you where you are and finding what works for you to go toward your objectives

  • holding a space for you and connect you with your Self

  • your own connection with yourself, your business, your clients

  • alignment with your values, your service, your programs

  • your personal energy and co-creating from your energy

The Connexion: About

This program is for you if:

  • you are a business owner (hypnotherapist, therapist, practitioner, psychologist, coach, mentor, entrepreneur.....  )

  • you have started your practice recently or you feel like you are stagnating 

  • you are experiencing low self esteem, fears of increasing prices because you won't have paid clients, feeling like not good enough, feeling like success is not available for you, you have a fear of being visible, you undervalue yourself with low prices

  • you need a clarity in your business, you need a help with defining your niche

  • you need a help with your social media presence

  • you want to increase your vibes, feel self confident, you want to feel on ease and to attract clients easily and effortlessly 

  • you want to create from your energy space

The Connexion: Quote

What will you get

You & Me in NOW

  • 1:1 Private support. No groups, no online studies

  • "pay as you go". It means you pay for the first four sessions and then you decide if additional support is needed.

  • co-creation

  • alignment with your business vision and your values

  • you will learn how to define your high value clients, how to set your prices, how to increase your social media presence

  • self confidence, self worth

  • way to connect to yourself and to become an energetical match for your clients

The Connexion is fully adapted to you and your needs.

Please note that I accept a very limited number of clients per month as I want to give you high value support and attention.

It is all about the connection between us too so, 30mins classification call is necessary to see if we are a match to work together.

My client Lily :

"I had this amazing experience with Lucia.

I had this business coach who was really draining me, and confusing me, and I felt lost, I lost the connection to my purpose and my clients. And worst of all, I had lost the connection with myself. For a month I wasn’t able to attract any client, I had lost my faith and confidence in myself, I was in a terrible place. I felt totally misaligned, and disconnected from myself. With this programme Lucia helped me find myself again, she heard me, she listened to me and more than everything she understood me and connected with me to a deeper level, she connected with the “inner me”, the one that I had lost. And she helped me go back to my authentic self, she gave me my confidence in myself back.

At that time, I also had this huge issue of charging more for my sessions. I had a scarcity mindset, and I was very afraid to not have any paid clients. With her AMAZING coaching, she helped me reframe my beliefs about money and myself, and it was just an incredible eye-opening moment for me. Since then, I have charged double, and I have attracted clients effortlessly. Now I have full confidence in my business, I feel empowered and I’m about to triple my prices.

Since this huge realignment with myself thanks to Lucia I changed everything in my social media post and presence. I am focusing on my purpose, vision, and my true and amazing self, and I create from this energy. And this is working, clients are coming easily, and my business is growing every day.

Thanks to Lucia, I know that I am limitless, she helped me break every barriers I had in my mind, and now I am in the field of manifestation, and it’s the best feeling ever!

Thank you so much, Lucia. You have changed my life."

Lily, CEO (France)

My client Oksana:

"If I would to describe Lucia's, I could not NOT mention that she, herself is one extraordinary Woman. The Woman of grace, majesty, elegance and visions. Her essence is sharp yet gentle and this is why I loved her work so much - she gave me a gift of connections. Through her I saw once again the importance of connections, them being the basis of all. She kick started the healing process of fearing connections in me, in personal relationships and also in work. She is magical as is her voice through which she soothes and her essence through which I seeked deeper meaning. Thank you."

Oksana, CEO, Estonia

The Connexion: About
The Connexion
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