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The Red Freedom

1:1 Private program
8 weeks

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is not a ‘normal’ thing -only menstruation is.

You don’t need to learn how to overcome your heavy emotions in premenstrual phase due to PMS or PMDD because you don’t need these emotions at all.


Are you experiencing

Mood swings


Hostile behavior

Intense anger

Conflicts with others



Trouble concentrating

Many women think that the struggles in premenstrual phase belongs to menstrual cycle and consider them as just a normal fact of life - but can in fact BE SOLVED.

Can you imagine that this emotional chaos would disappear, and your premenstrual phase would be easy? Yes, easy and peaceful.

If you feel like you have tried EVERYTHING from meditation, yoga, breathing exercise, no caffeine, no alcohol, more vegetables, more antioxidants, more primrose oil….NOTHING WORKED?!

If you feel like you cannot do anything because you feel like these emotions are having a full control over your life.

If you can not switch off your inner critic.

If you feel frustrated, out of control, sad and powerless because your private and professional life is impacted by your premenstrual phase.

If any of this sounds familiar, well, I know how it feels like, I have been there before.


"I used to struggle every single month with anger, inner critic, self-sabotaging, feeling like being controlled by all these emotions for over 20 years. My private and professional life was highly impacted. I struggled 10 days every single month in premenstrual phase. I know that for some women it lasts even longer.

I am a coach, and I do emotional coaching. I know how to work with emotions. But in this particular case with all emotional chaos I was experiencing every month I felt like "it" is stronger than me. Consciously I was not able to find out what was it.

I found my way to emotional freedom and you can too.

I am 100% free from PMDD roller coaster and you can be too."

My story

During the 8 weeks you will receive:

- 1:1 private cooperation

- 8 weeks of intensive and transformational journey on emotional, mental and spiritual level

- One to one deep dive session (1 hour)

- Two Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions (90 mins each) to find the root cause and the reason of these heavy emotions you are experiencing in premenstrual phase, transformed them and let them go for good

- Two personalized 15 mins audio hypnotic recordings to rewire your mind and to create new positive beliefs (21 days)

- Two personalized coaching & mentoring sessions to connect you with your feminine energy and your cycle. (45 mins each)

- voxer support during program duration

Join 8 weeks

1:1 private program


PMDD & PMS is an emotional  pain. Emotions experienced in premenstrual  phase are trapped emotions in emotional body. These emotions were created in the past by thoughts and beliefs and kept trapped.

PMDD, PMS is an emotional issue. I treated it myself that way.

Once you understand the root cause, beliefs, thoughts which created it, you can release, transform and let go.

Rapid Transformational Therapy works with emotions and with the subconscious mind which is a database of emotions, beliefs, memories, patterns. Dealing with the subconscious mind we can find the root cause of trapped emotions. That is why it works. It is efficient, transformational, life changing.

We will co-create together.

  • I will teach you how to get the most out of your menstrual cycle to be productive, creative, efficient but also knowing when to rest.

  • I will share with you  how to listen to your body and how to connect in the best way your body and your mind.

Medical solution for PMDD, PMS does not exist. However, it does not mean that you have to continue to suffer.

Step out from your emotional prison. Make a choice to your emotional freedom and inner peace. Tune into the power of each phase of your feminine cycle. Become empowered, satisfied and happy woman living fulfilled life, having control over it.

Please note that I created that offer based on my own experience, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Emotional coaching and Holistic Soul coaching.

I only accept a very limited number of new clients every month that I can give you the best support.

Still hesitating? Well, then you should know, that closer to menopause -symptoms get stronger.

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