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Your silence is empowering. It empowers abuser to continue.

Did you know that you can empower someone in a bad way? Let's speak about it.

We match word "empowering" with a positive powerful words or actions. Especially when we have an intention to lift someone up.

BUT, if someone is treating you badly, making inappropriate comments or taking inappropriate actions and your dignity, your image, career, values, self confidence is impacted, then we speak about bullying, mobbing, bossing, emotional abuse.

It can happen at the workplace, in a couple, in families etc.

First of all, victims of emotional abuse, bullying, mobbing do not speak up.

Why? Because they do not know that they themselves are a victimes and if they know, they have a fear to speak up. They prefer to change the team - escape from their boss. In families victims remain silent for many reasons (in laws, parent vs child relation)

And here is the point: if you remain silent you are EMPOWERING abuser to continue being abusive not only to you but also to the others. Escaping from the situation or remaining silent does not help anything and anyone. It massively impact your self esteem and self confidence.

There is always a way out and you can always get help. It is very important to get professional support in your situation.

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