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You can inject self confidence with an expiration date.

Updated: Jan 31

What is behind artificial beauty? Why do people become creatures?

Influencers on social media are proudly declaring that they are not ashamed of botox or plastic surgery. But it is not a botox they should feel ashamed of.

Feeling can not be bought.
Feeling beautiful, feeling enough, feeling confident is a FEELING.
Feeling beautiful, feeling enough, feeling confident is a FEELING.

Feeling CAN NOT be bought.

Feeling enough, feeling confidence is an inner feeling. Instead of trying to find out why you feel the way you feel you start noticing what is wrong with your physical appearance.

We all have low moments or low periods in our lives when we feel very vulnerable. We have moments when we do not like our appearance. We feel ugly, fat, old. It comes with low self esteem, feeling powerless, helplessness.

Crucial vulnerable moment:

That is the moment when you start to compare yourself with fake people on your social media. You even start to feel like you do not fit in. To fit in you should look like them. You start with your face because you see your face very often in the mirror or while making selfies. What you see are wrinkles, dark spots, imperfections.....

What is truly happening?
  • you create a mental picture about yourself in your mind based on what you see on social media

  • you identify yourself with that mental picture thinking this is who I am

  • as you identify yourself with that mental picture you completely disconnect yourself from yourself - from your true self

  • you do not know who you are anymore because you become a creature

  • your needs will change because you need to feed the needs of the new creature

As a therapist and coach helping clients with self confidence, the main reason for trying to improve broken confidence by esthetic cosmetics is inability to deal with the inner feeling of not feeling good enough, not feeling beautiful enough, feeling like there is something wrong.

Because of inability to deal with this inner feeling which is difficult to change without professional help, it is much easier to change physical appearance.

You can change physical appearance with esthetic surgery. But your change will be temporary. There will be an expiration date.

You will also create an addiction of wanting more. Because it is so easy to change or to improve your appearance instead of facing your feelings which are not comfortable.

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