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Difference between therapy & coaching

Therapy helps you to understand and move out from the past, coaching is future oriented. Combination of both is super powerful.

I'm a Mindset, Emotional, Solution focused coach, I use NLP approach and I'm Clinical Hypnotherapist certified in Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) . I love both approaches here is why:

In RTT, depending on your issue I will regress you to your past experiences - your memories. I will command your SUBCONSCIOUS mind to show us WHERE & HOW you created your issue, emotion, limiting beliefs, patterns based on what you have SEEN, THOUGHT, FELT or you just simply INTERPRETATED (often we go back to the childhood )

We focus to work on overcoming your negative beliefs, thought patterns, feelings and behavior.

You will receive personalized 15min post session recording to listen for 21days or more.


Because your mind needs time to rewire and to create new meaningful thoughts, beliefs, behaviors.

COACHING works with the present to shape your future. We work with your CONSCIOUS mind.

We set the objectives :

  • Where you want to be and how to get there?

  • We create an action plan and you will commit to it.

  • We monitor your progress regularly and overcoming obstacles if they appear.

I love to work with a clients who:

  • Say "Yes" to themselves

  • Are committed to themselves

  • Who invest time, money and energy into their own well-being to live successful, happy and fulfilled life.

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